Mobile Apps

Apps - as the tech savvy world calls it, is the buzz word of the day. Mobile applications give you the convenience to take a decision and act smartly on the move. Advantages are unlimited.

We at Refulgence understand the reach this technology offers and your business needs. We keep ourselves not just updated with the technology but also master it to provide top class solutions which will enhance your business. We offer custom applications to suit your business requirements exactly. We do mobile application development in the following platforms

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android devices

We also offer consulting for Mobile Application Development. We thoroughly analyze your business and identify areas which will improve if you had Mobile App entity and recommend solutions

Case Study:

Jewel of India Restaurant:

Jewel of India Restaurant is a famous and happening place in Singapore. Activity is hectic with lot of people coming in and going out. There was a need to make the operation more smooth, convenient, efficient and more accountable. When our clients approached us, we analyzed and offered them the following solution.

We found that, there was a big communication challenge between Restaurant Manager (In charge of payment counter), table managers, waiters and kitchen. We explored the possibility of a smart way of seamless communication and at the same time provide a beautiful ambience in the whole process. We built a centralized application where in the table management was also brought in to it. An application was built, which can be accessed by iPhones, iPads and normal desktops. Table management was also brought into the application. There was no wrong information and miscalculations in allotting the tables and customers started to find it a happier restaurant. We gave iPad/iPhone App to the waiters through which they were able to take orders which will hit the database and the information will be available to both the payment counters and the kitchen in the next moment. Kitchen will get the instant information along with table number, order information and waiter details. Payment counter will automatically find it added to the billing details for the particular customer and table details. Once the food and subsequent orders are served the billing can be closed by the waiter using the App and the centralized DB will release the bill instantly. No manual entries, reconciliations and billing verification entries are required. Added to it, accounting could be closed with the click of a button and various reports can be generated. Management of the restaurant was made easy and a happy affair. Thus we could bring on smiles to both customers and our client.