Our Work

Indian Overseas Bank - Website

Indian Overseas Bank is the first India based bank to operate in Singapore. History dates back to 1941 when the first started to serve in Singapore. IOB wanted to be updated with the latest in technology and make their web presence in Singapore in a strong way. Also felt the digital route will be very important as they can instantly publish the currency rates instantly. Information should be presented in a simple way to reach out the Indian customers in Singapore and also should be able to keep up the standards with the modern banks in Singapore. Refulgence carefully analyzed the information architecture and created the website for IOB. As a result, the website (www.iobsingapore.com) is currently able to give instant updates in currency rates to the customers on line. All the information about the products and services offered by IOB is currently available to all the customers.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple – Interactive Website

Sree Veeramakaliamman temple is one of the oldest temples in Singapore dating back to the middle of 19th century. Needless to say the tradition and the huge number of devotees associated with the temple. A lot of festivals, poojas and functions happen throughout the year and a huge number of devotees participate in them. Also devotees pay for certain events, book ubhayams and offer prasadam for public. Temple approached us to build a solution to manage the entire activity. As usual Refulgence conducted workshops with the temple employees, volunteers and studied the complete activities of a temple in general. 2 problems were identified. First one was managing the activity bookings and accounting. Second one was creating an easy reach out for the devotees. Refulgence created an integrated website with payment gateway facility. A simple and easy to use interface was created for updating the events. Now the website (www.sriveeramakaliamman.com) serves as a powerful platform where devotees can book for events and poojas, well ahead of the date, pay the amount online, without having to come to the temple. Whole accounting is automated and reports can be viewed instantly by the press of a button. Also temple management application (TIRU) and an interactive kiosk (SRI-VMT) has been implemented in the temple

Narpani Paeravai – People's Association - Mobile App

Narpani Paeravai – People's Association along with nearly 90 plus IAECs and subcommittees is involved in various public activities. Lots of events, functions and various activities happen throughout the year. Refulgence was approached, to create a Mobile application where people can easily get instant information about events, functions and news. Narpani App was created in both IOS and Android platforms. Same was launched by the deputy prime minister of Singapore in a grand function attended by the members. Now the App serves as an important communication tool for the public. People can get instant updates, push notifications and also register for various activities through their mobile.

Prospect Consulting – Interactive job portal

Prospect Consulting is a leading recruitment firm in Malaysia. Their idea was to go completely digitalized. Not just a website for the candidates to upload resume and apply for jobs but a complete backend platform for the firm to manage candidates, post jobs, filter applicants, manage clients, schedule interviews, select candidates and process payments. The entire recruitment process was automated and made electronic. Today the application is serving as a powerful portal (myprospect.net) for a huge candidate base. It has made life easier for the recruitment firm in its day to day operations with instant information access and communication facility. It is very fast moving to a completely paperless environment. Result – A happy client who is already planning for further enhancements to take the recruitment process to the next level.

Sree Mahamariamman Temple

Sree Mahamariamman temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Singapore. Refulgence was approached for creating a pure digital and divine experience for the devotees through a website. Everything about the temple was serene and beauty with highest degree of divinity. After several discussions and analysis many layouts were created. The best one was selected. Next navigational functionalities were created with the best components to match the temple (like the mouse in the shape of a trishul). Best of the gallery components and timeline concept were implemented. The site (sreemahamariamman.org) has been launched and currently serving the devotees with updates of events functions and pooja information. Also it is an important showcase for the temple for devotees across the globe.

Sri Vadapathirakaliamman temple – Website and TIRU Application

Sri Vadapathirakaliamman temple is another traditional historic temple in Singapore. Refulgence was approached to create a website and implementation of temple management software. It was usual work as far as the website is concerned – unconventional and new design. Website (srivadapathirakali.org) is live integrated with social media reaching out to a huge mass of devotees with all the information about the temple. Implementation of temple management application was again a challenge. All the sale items were categorized separately. This included Archanai tickets, lamps, milk packets etc. All the services were categorized under another header. This included all official receipts like ubhayams, prasadam bookings and other services). Application was implemented and Refulgence supported the temple with resources in the counter for the first 3 months for the temple staff to get used to the system. Now system is handled by the temple staff. Life has never been so easy. Daily closing and reconciliation is done in a few seconds. All the sales data is instantly exported to their accounting package immediately to avoid data reentry. Refulgence received not just the praises of the temple but also blessings along with it.

Brother, Singapore – Queue Management System

Brother which is a leading brand in Singapore has its big service center where a lot of customers come in for various needs. A queue management was planned to be built to manage the queues effectively. Refulgence was approached by Sai Innovations for Brother to implement this solution. The additional challenge was that the application will be interfacing with a CRM application built by Sai Innovations. Several meetings were conducted and type of services offered was categorized. Refulgence explored the best possible solution. First it was decided to provide audio facility along with the visual display of token number. Client was happy which encouraged us to explore further. Then it was decided to give the output in a TV instead of a monitor. The idea was to use the TV for displaying the token numbers and the advertisement videos side by side. Brother was thrilled by the idea. Solution was implemented by Apr 2012. Currently it serves a huge base of customers. A simple interface has been provided for the customers to choose the service from a Touchscreen monitor. Queues are automatically distributed to the counter staff. At the end of the day a variety of reports are generated to get business insights like servicing time, number of customers serviced, peak hours and KPI related information.

Noble Broadcasting Corporation Ltd – Kumudam – Website Maintenance

Kumudam is a leading household name for the Tamil community across the globe. Kumudam offers a range of popular magazines, web TV and FM radio as its services. The website is a place of buzzing activity. Regular update of new magazines, web TV content and dotcom special entertainment news are part of the site. It is a site with payment gateway integration. Refulgence has been outsourced the content management work. Currently the site (www.kumudam.com) is been maintained by Refulgence. Update work has been defined with proper SLAs. A process has been developed for proper information flow from the client to us for content update. Every day the site is update with new magazines as per schedule, news tickers, galleries, videos and other stuff. Client is happily focusing on the business front since the technology support is done by us.

Serangoon Air Travels – Implementation of Queue Management System

Serangoon Air Travels is a leading travel agency in Singapore. Currently roughly 20 counters operate in their office which easily conveys the volume of customers handled in their day to day activities. Management of customers and handling time is of prime importance in this competitive business world. All the services were analyzed and segregated into groups. Queue system was implemented and all the counters were connected. Now the agency is able to handle all the customers in a hassle free environment. Waiting time of the customers is effectively reduced. Queue is evenly distributed to all the counters. Various reports are generated which provide business insights like peak hours, preferred service, seasonal spike and staff KPI information.

Puliyur Temple – Website

Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple in Puliyur is one of the oldest temples in India. It is a traditional temple dating back to the 13th century. Both Saivism and Vishnavism thrived together in this sacred place. Puliyur is the locality where the divine Vaishnavite Acharya Srimathe Nigamantha Magadesika Swami as well as the holy saints of the world famous Ahobila Mutt had arrived in quest of Goddess Sri Perundevi and Lord Sri Varadaraja and visited this shrine and attained seventh heaven after having darshan and on worshipping them with invocatory benediction ( mangalaa saasanam). Refulgence was approached to create the website for this sacred temple. Whole history of the temple was digitally presented with a divine touch and the site was launched (puliyur.com). Currently the site caters to the information needs of the devotees locally and also gets global attention with visitors from various parts of the world.