Resource Allocation Yantra

RAY is a product for employment agencies specializing in 'Maids' (domestic workers) or better known as Maid agencies. This is a product tailor made exactly for maid agencies operating in Singapore. It covers all the aspects like candidate profiling, contract documentation, handover – takeover process, loans etc.

RAY on Cloud

This product is available in the cloud also. All you need is an internet connection and you can carry out your day to day activities from anywhere. Your data is safe and secure in the server and you need not worry about the system crash and hardware failure. You can pay on monthly usage terms.

  • A powerful master record system to maintain large volumes of candidate profile data
  • Facility to upload candidate photos
  • Service contract – documentation
  • Employment contract – documentation
  • Handover – Takeover documentation
  • Sharp 'built – in' Business Intelligence to do 'Placement fee' & 'Agency fee' transactions accurately and facility to maintain & retrieve these transaction records conveniently.
  • Flagging system to instantly find the candidates availability
  • Customizable Candidates Loan System with automated 'due sheet'
  • Easy 'User Interface' for hassle-free working
  • Customizable reports produced with just a 'Click' which will otherwise take hours and days
  • Accounting of commercials

We offer a free trial for 30 days! No obligations, you can try our product free of cost and if you are interested you can buy any package suitable to you. Click here to register and start using the application.


This product comes both as whole application installable in your place and as cloud usage model where you can just log in and use from our server. Please feel free to Contact Us to know more about the options suitable for you.