Restaurant Management System – with iPad integration

Refulgence offers one of the most sophisticated packages for the restaurant business. Your restaurant managers can take and pass the 'order' information from an iPad application directly to your billing system and the kitchen place. Hassle free operations during peak hours. You can manage the whole restaurant with this package. Trust us! You will not miss a single order from serving or billing.

  • Simple interface with barcode scanning option (Visitor's identity card can be scanned)
  • Simple and easy to use interfaces
  • Managers can take orders from their iPhone or iPad. Once order is taken, information is directly passed to Kitchen and centralized billing counter.
  • Guests can view the images of the item on the IPad
  • Centralized billing system (Main counter) can track all the orders for a particular table and monitor all tables from a desktop.
  • Main counter can track all the bills instantly. Once the serving manager closes orders for the particular table, system automatically generates the bill.
  • Powerful admin facility to manage the items
  • Tables can be set 'active' or 'closed' based on the need. Provision provided for adding more tables.
  • Table monitoring facility allows the Manager to allocate tables to new customers easily.
  • One desktop is enough to handle the whole application since this technology provides interface in IPad for multiple users. Even kitchen segment is handled with just a small thermal printer.
  • A variety of reports is available for analysis of the performance of your restaurant, at your fingertips.
  • Optional inventory system