Self-operated Retail Items –Vending Machine for Temples

Unmanned kiosks & ATMs which are operated by the common public have become very popular and effective these days. We bring this concept to temples where it is very useful particularly when you are running short of resources to manage the operations of a temple. In a temple, apart from regular devotees coming in, you may experience a sudden (but expected) spike in the visit of devotees on auspicious days like pradosham, pournami, festivals etc.

Our solution offers a relief to the temple authorities and the devotees. All you need is a plastic card and you can just take Archanai tickets and receipts from the kiosk. A registered devotee has to just scan the card and all the details of the family members (name & star) are flashed on the screen. Just choose the names and release the tickets. Also tokens can be released for oil lamps and other sale items of the temple.

Based on the number of devotees normally visit the temple, you can install any number of kiosks which are integrated to the main system (TIRU). All the transactions and sales are reconciled when day closing is done and a single report can be generated.

  • Devotees can register their whole family and one single card can be used for the whole family.
  • Any number of kiosks can be connected to the application based on the needs.
  • Minimizes the number of counter staff needed to operate in a temple Accounting and Reconciliation can be done at the backend by the application itself which comes with supporting software.