The Gate Keeper

Visitors Management System

This is a simple and powerful application to manage the visitor movement in your business places. When your business is growing to the next level of automation and a paperless environment don't you think it is not apt for your security infrastructure to use registers and paper slips! And of course it is an important entity in your business where they take the responsibility to protect you from danger in the context of today's vulnerability. You can see the customized reports of the visitors, get instant incident alerts, updates etc. Also setup a chief admin controller and monitor all the live activities from CC TV feeds from a single point surveillance system. Check out the features and benefits of this tool!

  • Simple interface with barcode scanning option (Visitor's identity card can be scanned)
  • Security staff attendance module
  • Company staff attendance module
  • Set multilevel access – visitors, staff, contractors, vendors etc.
  • Incident reporting and logging
  • Integration with CC TV camera facility
  • Options to integrate with biometric access systems