Temple In-sales & Reconciliation Utility

TIRU is a smart application to manage the sales and reconciliation inside a temple. No it is not a simple POS system which you would have thought. It integrates sales of devotional items, Archanai tickets, manages prasadam bookings, pooja bookings, donations & ubayams.


  • Easy to use interfaces with visual elements for better understanding
  • Tamil Language facility
  • Customized Archanai tickets with name and all astrological details of the devotees
  • Multiple counters integration
  • Instant day closing & reporting
  • Email notification to the authorities on day closing reports with sales figures
  • Optional facility to export the sales data into spreadsheet
  • Optional facility to integrate with a KIOSK (SRI-VMT)
  • Optional inventory package
  • Powerful Admin control to manage and customize Archanai tickets as per the deities of the temple