Website Maintenance - CMS

Designing a website and hosting it is not the end of online activity. In fact it is just the beginning. You need to continuously update the content of the website and perform a host of checks to keep the website live and kicking. Refulgence offers a structured process oriented service to maintain your website. We take over your live website and offer content management services. Based on the volume of work including the frequency of updates we can work on a structured SLA (Service Level Agreement) and do the content management work for you.

We will appoint a one point contact who will do the business coordination with you and you can start sending in your requests to update the content. The core technology team will get the work done and update the content for you. Once the work is done you will be updated by mail on the changes in the website. Our work includes creation of banners, copy correction and update, error fixing, creation of new pages, regular security checks etc.

We have the expertise in handling a variety of content management systems from basic static HTML sites, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and other systems. Outsource your maintenance activities to us and you can focus on your business. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss further.