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Business ERP

For a break away sequence of communication and for effectively maintaining a demanding procedures B-ERP is the strategy for empowering organization in-house raw material procurement. B-ERP simplifies all the complexity in the supply chain management and equipped with the business intelligence with reduced operating cost. B-ERP effectively schedules the raw material procurement, operational planning and cost analysis by quickly recognizing the opportunities. Entrenched with timely delivery by coordinating the requirement analysis and inventory distribution. Posing Master (a pre-work module) for storing the procurement details and related information comprises the whole business procurement process. This helps in acquiring a superior raw materials proceeding to the billing to order delivery. Bill of Quality is presented with the operating process for planning the requirement in a resource cost.

Building blocks

Purchase order

Automated cost-effective raw material procurement is possible with B-ERP, which includes automated and flexible module to collaborate with all the departments. When the inventory level is monitored to be insufficient the level of needs is recognized by raising a request in purchase within the company proceeding to the cost and benefit analysis creating a complete purchase order. Provides channel to convert the requirement to purchase order, utilizing the categorised analysis of the suppliers. Assigning the order placement to the apt supplier is processed by the rating of supplier performance that drops the complexity. Impelled with rate analysis from the supplier end by furnishing with folder of suppliers categories, focusing on risk mitigation with reduced cost. Acquiring through awareness in the product costing assigned with GRN with delivery record facilitating eradication of strenuous muddle in procurement process. Generation of periodical report of real-time stature of the progression with a clear clarity that make you stay away from stress.


Fortified with the subcontract module thus adding advantage to fluently switch the contracting movements as obligatory by the state of affairs of your business. An automated monitoring of the contract events from initial to the final status until the invoice completion. To stay update accessibility of workflow monitoring is channelized in the entire procedure. An integrated contract is managed to have a centralized control point that manages the material movement and transaction procedures along with the labour activities. A simple and power building block that ensure a tight bonding with the third-party contracts with decrease cost and issues control and eradicating the communication gap.

Inventory management

With a panoramic vision of effectively managing the inventory B-ERP is casted with inventory management. Real-time inventory tracking, stock replenishment, managing the buffer stock, invoice management are some of the special features. Inventories are tracked between multiple warehouses that are geologically detached, stocks are maintained efficiently with various methods of inventory control. Automated GL entry generation facilitates managing of goods cost and holding cost of inventory. Well stocked inventory is attained with automated POs generation that refills the inventory requirement. Quantity of planned order is issued efficiently within the deadline.

Sales Order

An error-free movement in the sales order is given with comprehensive eradication of violation in sales management besides efficient management in cost and time resulting in customer satisfaction. In addition to the forecasting of sale and dispatching of functions it is shaped with automated workflow in supply chain management. A potential processing of multiple shipments and their process tracking is achieved accurately.


Lucky Store

Lucky Store is our first organization to implement B-ERP. It is the top retail store in the business environment.

Initially, they struggled to make their accounting statements and their purchase process. To digitalize their retail business they searched for many potential vendors and at last, they found Refulgence Inc.

After a thorough analysis of their business, we implemented our customized B-ERP in their business environment.

In made good results by maintaining the inventory, sales order and even payment tracking. It also minimized their work progress by performing employee payroll process.

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