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Document Digitization System

A wide assortment of paperless managerial process is accomplished by the digitizing your business documents. If you are looking for document digitization at a cost effective manner then Refulgence Inc is the right place to professionally meet all your needs. Document Digitization helps in digitizing all paper and relic documents and records for archival and easy retrieval. That adds uninterrupted safeguarding of all your significant documents, facilitated with all modes of digital data transfer. Refulgence Inc proposes a single spot solution for all digital needs for conversion of the audio, video and text into an electronic format. Digitization diminishes around 40% of document management cost. Document maintenance comes out with both in-house and cloud storage options which is customized as per the client requirement.


  • Enabled with quality checking so that the minor errors are rectified, proper indexing made for easy retrieval of the data.
  • Qualified with effortless repetition of data and storing of data is much easier and secured scenarios.
  • Only accredited users can pursuit and access the prerequisite data on the basis of their roles and rights.
  • In preference with the platform independent, lower cost and faster development produced by an open source platform.
  • Integration of data with profound user restriction providing utmost security while sharing documents.
  • With a variety of filtering and grouping options configurable filtration of files is accessed with ease,


  • As document digitization involves with a gigantic lump of data, the procedure is cut down by faster data analyse and comfort recording. A pile of documents that is to be converted is manged by this process this benefits a safe and secure management of data, free from errors and meeting the timeline with better customer experienced.
  • Our product is with security credentials that comes with different logins by limiting authorization of the user to view digital data, can look for the information anywhere at any time. Trust level increased by a transparency of providing required access of client’s own demand.
  • Document digitization remains ample cost-effective in maintenance therefore n number of users can access the digital file. Foremost plus is abundant storage of data, via cost effectiveness an efficient augmentation of business is attainable.



SGS is the first co-operative organization to be registered in Singapore. This society is open to staffs in civil service, statutory boards, and other government-related corporations.

The maintained member records for loan transactions, debit, credit and other financial activities. These paper documents filled their cabinets with estimated more than 5,000 record folders per year.

Document Digitization System (DDS) gave them solution by instantly digitizing document through document digitization solution that scans documents, attaches metadata and load them to the document management system.

DDS made them retrieve the member details within a minute. The new system helps them to minimize the time for the document search from hours to seconds.

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