Document Digitalization

Technology paved the way towards digitization and rolling in every industrial field. Globe is facing a tremendous conversion propagating to internet which is the huge platform for data transformation. Company information becomes inaccessible if in case they are still in files format. Refulgence Inc offers digitization which is a simple process by which metamorphosis of your business information to electronic and digital format. Every documents including business cards, videos, hand written text is converted to digital formats like pdf, jpeg, html, doc, xls, tiff or doc. When it comes to security and storage of your organization information document digitization play a major role within a consolidated dais holding complete access and control. In addition to this information sharing, association of clients with zip files, DVD or FTP is served in higher quality. Refulgence Inc contributes advent of converting all your paper document scanning service no matter how many documents you possess.

Advantage with Refulgence Inc

  • Empower your organization document conversion into digital assets by best practice and serving with instant facilities without any loss of information.
  • Supporting large-scale document imaging for crucial projects with higher turnaround and quality delivers.
  • Digitize old fragile manuscripts and office records with large-scale indexing services combined with accurate retrieval and swift search.
  • Reduces the total file management cost by means of increased profits with optimized business process and measurable ROI
  • Establishing efficient and perform bulk conversion of records to digital form that make available back file which eliminate on-site storage of physical records providing easier search and document management solution and saving more space.

Content organising

Before commencing digitization we analyse the business needs for the best requirement understanding that helps in identifying the planning process of digitization. Offer assistance in collating all the scattered data from different branches and location work on repositioning all the paper documents for ready processing. Data is processed for scanning under advanced tools for making it a clear visible, scanning is propounded with high-resolution. Next, the conversion method that use the OCR methodology for the transformation of readable process. Data structuring is made for more accessible with the file name. After the conversion of the required format as per the requirement of the client we do a quality check for ensuring error free digitization.