Mobile Apps

In trending modern era smartphones and mobile app has acquired remarkable locus. To remain competitive in this trending market landscape, businesses must progress to a mobile outlook and depositing a unified mobile experience with high range of quality in the way they further enhance with their customer engross. Mobile app services deserve to be the strategic priority for an enormous enterprise struggling to increase efficiency or even for a start-up founder. The most preferred approach for consuming and sharing documents is mobile applications, where your business position will tend to profit. Millions of mobile users are from the corporate organisation predominantly looking out for tremendous potential growth of their business. Refulgence Inc comes up with a comprehend technology that is pertinent to your business progress.

Advantage with Refulgence Inc

  • Refulgence Inc has created more than 130 mobile applications with innovative technology. We have experts in iOS, Android and windows.
  • We upgrade the mobile application in the changing platforms in order to gain extreme features and functionality.
  • We strive to offer customized mobile application development services promulgated with cutting-edge technology that ensembles your business requirements to the core.
  • Ease of usage merged with ample secure apps formulated by extensive testing methodology.
  • Exclusive app structuring by tenure your user in mind thru customization at variety platforms.
  • With the crusade of friendly dogmata in app development we keep your business a head in the market.

Our iOS Mobile Apps

Mobile world has been dominated by the craze for iPhone. If you look for iPhone app to make your business makes sense for different reasons then Refulgence Inc is the answer that assimilate your app clue to actuality. Certainly if your business is retail or wholesale a business app from us can bring in extra sales and feasibly new customers just the once a word about it gets around.

Our Android Mobile Apps

Instant distribution in the open market, Android is the world-class platform for developing apps. Android takes the advantage of all the hardware peripherals make flexible tool of functioning apps. To make a great Android app, Refulgence Inc has fine programmers coalesced with technical and artistic skills. We are well versed and have hands on experience in amplified reality that permit adaptation of physical and virtual reality.

Our staple Mobile App services

  • E- Commerce app
  • Enterprise app
  • Utility app
  • Lifestyle app
  • Social Networking app
  • Travel app
  • Multimedia app
  • Native app
  • Business app
  • Education app