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Refi Accounting System

Empowerment of the project progressing is confined by Refulgence’s Inc RAS, framed particularly for the construction and engineering industries to cope the workflow. This is a comprehensive product that encompasses handling the project events such as project accounting statement, payment activities, contact management, framing of quotation, reporting, billing and employee collaboration. Entire progressing project work is streamlined with RAS subsequently reducing the use of different tools for each task completion. Overview of the project workflow is revealed on a single sheet which includes project budget, results and sales. The actual project status is determined with is project management product along with expenditure analysis that results the profit of project. This helps in managing the project workflow with more supple communication among the team. We customize RAS applications that suit to your business progress.


Project Managing

A seamless outline of just how the projects are doing and next paces is clearly visualized by the RAS. Detailed description of the project such as cost estimation, financial rapports and specific material needs for the individual projects in the industries is produced with more accuracy. The project description is elaborated and its synopsis is viewed on a single page, containing arranged assignments and gatherings, time spent and charged, solicitations and costs, remarks and records. RAS is supplemented with the features of saving n number of projects, managing and tracking tasks. Task allocation to the particular team is added up as an advantage which gives rights-based access to joint activities. Allotted with framing sub task within the main task with pre-defined deadline remainders. Report on the monetary benefits, project cost is produced with shared time allotment and meeting planning. Project quotation management is available with fast and rapid data retrieving. Expenditure analysis for individual data is the foremost featuring quality that report the project financial outcome.

Employee management

RAS approaches with completely incorporated and brought together workflow that makes ease of employee management. Employee attendance management is made much easier by managing employee’s information like tracking number of leaves and produce his pay slip as indicated by the attendance, overtime and so forth more precisely. Everything that is required to oversee and dispense the compensations is made with RAS with full consistent work process in the task dealing with leave, participation, corrections, rewards and everything else with limited inquiries. To handle the understanding issues in substantial fluctuating information RAS use the information visualization for easy data search and modifying data that stay away from information overload.


Power Cool Engineering

Power Cool Engineering is the most reputed electrical and mechanical service providers in Singapore. They are the leading company handling abundant composite projects.

Usually, they stored their projects in excel spreadsheet. They faced the difficulty in viewing the overall information about the projects in a single screen.

RAS application displays even minuscule details of the projects on single display by just one click. We also decided to make their work much simpler by embedding the employee payroll management option in RAS.

This resulted in effectively increasing the competency level of project managers and they could meet targets faster.

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