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Agency Automation

Currently travel agencies make every effort not only to sell many tickets but also to improve their brand name. Our Travel TOP brings a perfect fit for the travel agencies to maximize their average value per transaction. Enabled with reservation management, financial management, documentation and report generation. Assisting customer to search flight with detailed pricing details with effective airline booking implementation and also a seamless and fast search is made. Travel TOP gives a safe and secure payment as well as generate reports on service usage, revenue and reservations. Our Travel TOP also contain the information of agent transaction reports like booking and cancellations of flights and promotional bookings and failed transactions where the entire reservation process is centralized for providing actual information. Track the payments and easily create the cashier reports by means of anytime ready service 24*7. Expedited with multiple currency support with the exchange rate and we framed a rich user-friendly interface for more convenience.

Precise Solutions

  • Travel Top is comprehensive travel booking product that enables the travel industry to empower across the travel business. A niche content by means of effective performance with wider achievement is distributed. Abridges the gap between the eminence happiness and customer.
  • Since the technology advances combined with a vast travel providers that carter to your business we approached in a user-friendly interface with multiple language and currency facilities to put you ahead in challenging market.
  • Travel TOP, comprehensive platform that adapt to needs of your business trended with managing of inventory services with data security which is more than a booking engine. Thus posing a robust online booking.
  • Booking experience is made on multi-devices that endow your travel business with Travel TOP assist your customer on every boards deprived of any loss of energy and money. Act as a customer service tool that tracks the ticket information, history of transaction, feedback and other tasks.
  • Customizable pre-booking and post-booking and tickets cancellation are authorized.


Paradise Tours

Paradise Tours are one of the most popular Travel agency in Singapore. Since they maintained all of their business works manually they approached us to systemize their traveling business process.

The process of building the solution exhibited few difficulties that required the joint effort between us. We decided to provide them a completely automatic system to their travel business.

Thus it resulted in granting TRAVEL-TOP, it is a one-stop solution providing an easy customer payment.

We designed with the end-user mind that comprises everything from expense accounting to travel management platform.

Thru our TRAVEL-TOP Paradise Tours Pte Ltd completely became computerized.

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