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Restaurant Point of Sale

Since the trending epoch featuring into technology development we raised up with RPOS, a digital system for operating and managing restaurant business. Administration of this product includes front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house managing facilities. The topmost defy in restaurant is delivering right food to the right table stating this as a major consider each and every table is fused connotation with food ordering process and real-time billing system. Meanwhile the restaurant manager is typical being responsible for picking the required POS system. Order for a table is engaged by the wait staff through an iPad or iPhone, from where it is taken to the billing counter passing the kitchen. Kitchen display is displayed with the received order, in order that chef makes food on a priority mode. Centralized billing system embedded with GST procedures tracks and generate the bill for the appropriate table. Periodical report generation is facilitated for real-time data anywhere anytime and the insights are sent to the respective authority.

Our top Credentials:

Ordering features

Communication abridgement is made possible between the chef and the wait staff. Bill merging is available to offer a favourable service experience to the customer with the order fragmentation and cancellation of the food item. Featuring with apprising discount and its value.

Managing inventory

RPOS is more than an ordering system besides it holds the Inventory management as a streamline for the back-of-the-house. A detailed report is available with real-time updating for maintaining a seamless procurement of stock. This rate from raw material management to food costing by reducing the wastage with increased cost effectiveness tracking the real-time inventory levels providing simplified stock management.

User Friendly

A user-friendly approach with quick ticket transfer, table changes, order cancelling, alteration in items, table management and tracking reservations. Significantly the fastest process of table reservation that is straight forward in usage.

Employee management

A full integrated system with a complete employee management that shapes the POS structure. Monitoring of staff productivity and working hours tracking is established including the working shift and time break for ease taking payroll details.


Taste of India

Refulgence Inc was approached by a leading restaurant in Singapore. Their present POS system is at a very basic level and couldn’t match their requirements.

The client was looking for a powerful solution that covers all of their requirements as follows.

  • A solution to reduce employee errors in order-taking.
  • Track the inventory better way to reduce waste.
  • For providing system-wide reporting.
  • A system for online orders.

After a thorough analysis, we find that our client struggled with their basic POS system which made difficulties in managing tables, order processing and there were no online ordering facilities. This resulted in poorly streamlined business process. We provided our R-POS to resurrect the inert business. R-POS includes numerous advanced features and functions that fulfill the operational needs of the client. The order taken by the wait staff on an iPad or iPhone will appear in the kitchen display that enables the chef to cook food in a priority mode.

We also offered online ordering that allowed the customer to receive rewards both in-store and online that also increases the customer retention. R-POS also provided the reporting features, the exact tool the restaurant looking for. It enables our client to automate and manage their entire restaurant business process. It leads to achieve faster achievement of orders along with improved online management and inventory management.

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