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Temple In-sales & Reconciliation Utility

Refulgence Inc overrides with TIRU PRO, our paramount product that manages all the reconciliation inside the temple. On special auspicious day temple is the place where large number of devotees arrive for worshipping God, in this situation scheduling of mythological deeds such as Archanai for god, offerings, prasadam, ubayams, distinctive prayer (poojai) turn into messy particularly considering it involves in money. So Refulgence Inc came up with this competent product that is premeditated for temples to eradicate the tragedy of cohesive sales in the course of the period of worshipping.

TIRU PRO accomplishes accurate systematized measures by producing tickets for Archanai, pre-bookings for other worship times that are absolutely computerized and with instant day closuring statistics report. TIRU has a powerful Admin control that manages and customizes mythic engagements as per the deities of the temples.

Key Features

Optional provinces

TIRU PRO hails from benefit of undertaking inventory package that takes advantage of increasing the net income. Added with the facility of integrating with kiosk.

Report making

Besides of these features TIRU PRO is automated with creating daily statistics report of the sales, and is sent to the temple authorities as notification mail. Built with the proficient aptitude to export the sales statistics data to spread sheet.

Additional facilities

Inclusion of Tamil language is enabled providing with a higher visual elements for a clear knowledge of ease user interface. Amalgam of multiple counters where devotees receive Archanai tickets that comprise astrological details. TIRU PRO is also featured with icon base operating facilities, thus offering friendlier interface to the user. This automated system provides the prasadam & order placement details at your fingertips.

Case Study:

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Refulgence was approached by the temple authorities of Sri Veeramakaliamman temple. It is one of the oldest temples in Singapore where a huge amount of devotees arrive there for worship.

The temple holds a considerable measure of celebrations, poojas and capacities that occurs consistently and countless devotees partake in them.

Refulgence found out issues by conducting survey and workshop with the temple representatives and workers as follows.

  • Handling Archanai tickets booking and bookkeeping
  • A simple connect for the devotees.

To solve these issues Refulgence came up with the solution, we implemented TIRU-PRO, our temple management solution where the entire bookkeeping is computerized and reports can be seen within a sec. An intelligent Kiosk is also implemented where the devotees can get the tickets by themselves.

Instead of counting and confusing in monetary terms, TIRU-PRO made an automatic process in their accounting system. This enables them to easily calculate their temple sales calculations.

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