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Refulgence Inc is all about radiance and that's our core philosophy.

With the philosophy of radiance and blend of unique products and IT services, Refulgence Inc, one of the fastest growing global providers of IT Services, has been modernising the prevailing IT tactics by providing innovative products and services. Our solutions are aimed to make your business attain the next leading position. Refulgence Inc Pte Ltd was founded in 2004 in Singapore. Refulgence Inc is bonded with web design creation and development, developing mobile application, building hyper-converged products and customizing products to fit your business needs. This vivacity lead us to join hands with many global companies. In keeping our size, we have been establishing our company, also having a recognized position in Malaysia. We also operate in Chennai, India providing ingenious and insightful solutions that are global in their implication.

Many products and services are propelled through technical approach, we guarantee to offer best sourced ideas from each of our competent professionals. To make our vision happen we do something new and best every day, for every customer. We theme our concepts around your business domain. To revolutionize the practice, we thought of a pioneering concept of developing TIRU-PRO, a product for temples. Refulgence Inc is the first to deploy automated kiosk for temples. A fresh approach for the restaurant management made to produce RPOS. We understand growing challenges and delivered products like Travel- TOP. It doesn’t matter in which business domain your idea falls upon; Refulgence Inc makes it happen by B-ERP. MIS provides easy access on storing and upgradation of member information. RIS and Document Digitization Services are our featured icons in our creation. Customization of these products is also possible for perfect fit of your business requirements.

Refulgence Inc delivers services across the IT maturation, including web application creation and development, providing IT outsource services, developing mobile application, desktop application, website creation, consulting including infrastructure support. With a strong inheritance in software engineering, Refulgence Inc is highly qualified to both develop and maintain products, using a recognized platforming methodology and advanced agile and accelerated solution design techniques to reliably deliver results on time and within budget.

Owning a proven record of success across many industries, Refulgence Inc readily understands its client’s business challenges and makes use of its domain proficiency to provide distinct, unique and innovative products and services that address its client’s crucial business challenges. Towards sourcing of high quality and cost-effective software development and implementation of services we persistently evolve by generating technically superior and commercially competitive solutions.