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Member Information System

Refulgence Inc offers most sophisticated and distinctive tailor-made Member Information System (MIS) for co-operative societies. Exclusively designed for the members & employees of the co-operative society benefited with real-time application in both web-based and desktop based. Featuring with registration of their member, their accounting statement with business intelligent reports. This modernizes the accounting process assisting towards risk control with operational efficiency. A customized solution for co-operative society is made with higher standards and quality. With this product, member registration is managed that includes the saving accounts information driven by the flexible workflow. Multi-functional system is offered where the segregating records of the members can be grouped, stored and retrieved. In MIS we craft innovative and integrated solution to store the member information that holds all the financial and personal information tends to obtain loan. It obliges daily banking activities maintaining all type of loans, generates recovery deposit account, and default list and dividend payment. In addition, generation of accounting report for all member for every account. Customization is possible meeting the client requirements comprising of all future needs.


Loan Management

MIS come with the automate loan management services with multiple loaning portfolios under a single platform. A higher operational efficiency is attained by allowing loan interest specification in accordance with their characteristics. Member loan information is provided in account centric solutions with more agile. Automated batch processing is obtained for the frequent checking of the transaction process. For more betterment managed with handling part payments and portfolio restructuring that provisions for greater profitability. Despite of the organization size MIS provides quick data retrieval.

Financial facilities

Arranged to manage accounting work process and related document besides retrieving the business intelligent reports. Reliable and secured mode of accounting transaction is proceeded with book keeping that includes the year-end taxes, filed according to your fiscal period. Crucial managing of potential risk within the organization that facilitates the accounting process. Confidential handling of financial transaction on everyday basis, cash asset controlling, and accounting solutions like balance sheet, trial balance and profit or loss statement.

Digital platform

MIS also offers mobile banking services and net banking solutions ensuring a continuous pleasant experience with the end user. This enables the member to process their transactions activities in their handset under the digital platform that is much user friendly. Featured with digital channels like mobile browser, mobile app and other submissions that pave an easier way to transfer money. A range of complete net banking services is made with cent percent security with multi operation and multiple user options.

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