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Queue Management System

Lengthy queue is trepidation for service industries. Managing lengthy queue at the peak hours is always problematic since queue remains one of the most common intention for customer repulsion. Refulgence Inc, offers Queue Management System to handle your customers from the moment of their entrance till the exit. This queue management system modernizes the service process by creating the actionable database that supports business goals of service industries. Accurate information that shows the customer arrival and their waiting time is collected by the system. The level of service and the customer lifetime value is optimized by managing the complex flow.


  • Assisting with multiple counter services consequently customers queued up to the next counter automatically.
  • Priority will be given for a particular customer with segmentation is also done in the QMS thence rationalizing your customer flow and branch operations.
  • Provides flexible solution capable of addressing any requirement thereafter perceiving the actual wait times towards customer satisfaction.
  • Service level analysis besides performance empowering entertains customer with digital signage.
  • Upgraded touch-point through integration of business solutions solely aimed to engage, communicate and connect customer and employee in assimilated structure of physical and virtual touch points.

Foremost Features:

Managing Queue

Perceptively designed particularly to meet needs of service industry. An advanced queue management is completed with the strategic partnership which bids, single line to multiple line queuing system. Subsequently it increases the operational efficiency and branch performance by virtual queue line to where customer enters as soon as they collect ticket. When the ticket number reached, an intimation with the help of digital signage that authorize them to the specific counter. By this advance queueing system 50% of the waiting time is condensed. It supports both self-service and service from receptionist.

Reporting and alerts

Online reporting regarding the waiting time and viewing the real-time service level and performance is made. Statistics report of the waiting time and performance constraints of the branches is received. Alert facilities is added in addition if in case of long waiting time of the customer ensues or arrival of any VIP customer.



Indian Overseas Bank is an Indian based bank to operate in Singapore. It is one of the leading banks.

As the number of customers visiting their bank increases, they started to face large customer queues that made inconvenience for their customers and burdened their workflow. Maintaining a high service quality are became substantial challenges for bank staffs. They decided to adopt the advanced technology to maintain their customer queue so that it may

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Manages the customers visit systematically.

We made the arrangements to display the token number with video and audio effects on a TV rather than a LED display. We also made the TV for showing the token numbers and the commercial video at the same instant.

We implemented our QMS that makes more efficient scheduling which means reduces customer waiting time and increased customer service. Queue Management System reduces the customer waiting time to 3minutes.

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